“Fix It” Movie & Panel Discussion, Lexington Library, 7 pm, Thur. Sep. 13, 2018

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A film that looks at our nation’s health care crisis and proposes the solution, a national improved Medicare for All, single payer system that covers all of us while saving lives and money!

Open to the public.  Come and bring your friends!

More about the movie.

Flyer about the movie.

Further info:  Christine Perlin, christine.perlin at gmail.com

Single payer at the Park DuValle Community Health Center Fair

Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care is reaching out, talking to people, and building the movement!

On Saturday, Aug. 4, KSPH staffed a booth at the health fair at the Park DuValle CHC.

Peg Box reports that “there were a lot of tents and many people with families, and we were right next to the band which was good but LOUD.  We even got to watch a demonstration of line dancing.”

Of the people who stopped by our booth “many already were advocates of single payer and had a lot of good things to say and stories to share.”

Peg Box, Charlie Casper, and Dr. Barbara Casper at the Park DuValle Health Fair. Harriette Seiler and Dr. Edgar Lopez also helped. Photo by Edgar Lopez.
Peg Box, Charlie Casper, and Dr. Barbara Casper at the Park DuValle Health Fair. Harriette Seiler, Christine Perlin, and Dr. Edgar Lopez also helped. Photo: Edgar Lopez.


“In spite of the heat and torrid sun on the asphalt, the crowds were good, and we had many signing the petition,” said Charlie Casper.  “Most were Medicaid recipients.  This event is good exposure for single payer, maybe for just name exposure if nothing else.”

For those who did not know about HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, this was their opportunity to learn.

The Park DuValle Community Health Center is federally funded and serves the community filling in the gaps to help those our broken health system abandons.

New Prospects for Single-Payer Activists: Swimming in the Mainstream . . . With Sharks

by Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H and David U. Himmelstein, M.D.

The answers to the attacks on single payer:

  • *Won’t single payer break the bank?
  • *Why not a public option?
  • *Why not the German, Swiss, or Dutch reform keeping private insurers?
  • *Why not incremental reforms; Won’t single payer be too disruptive?


Save the Date, Thursday. October. 4, 2018. Margaret Flowers MD to Speak in Louisville

Please save the date for you will not want to miss this!

Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care will host an event:

7 pm, Thursday, October 4, 2018, at Hotel Louisville, 120 W. Broadway, Louisville 40202

Margaret Flowers MD will be the featured speaker.   Dr. Flowers is one of the Baucus 8, the physicians, nurses and others who were arrested in Senator Max Baucus’ Finance Committee Hearing for seeking to get single payer health care on the agenda.

You can see her on Bill Moyers Journal in the video below.

Poor People’s Campaign Demands Health Care and a Healthy Planet

On Monday, June 4, 2018, the Rev. Dr. William Barber joined over 400 Kentuckians in a rally on the Capitol steps in Frankfort to press forward the demand of the Poor People’s Campaign for Health Care and a Healthy Planet.  Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care was pleased to be among the supporters.  That’s Harriette Seiler on the left holding the hot pink single payer sign.
Following the rally, Capitol police barred the way for the group to enter into the Capitol Rotunda.  Here’s some of the news coverage:
The Monday demonstrations will continue leading up to a national events in late June.  Here’s the facebook page for the Kentucky campaign.

Single Payer Health Care is among the objectives of the Poor People’s Campaign. 
June 4, 2018, Rally for Health Care and a Healthy Planet on the Capitol Steps in Frankfort
June 4, 2018, Rally for Health Care and a Healthy Planet on the Capitol Steps in Frankfort

Tom Moffett 1924-2018. We honor Tom for his decades of struggle and inspiration.


Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care was fortunate to have the participation of Tom Moffett in our meetings and actions since 2004.

He inspired all of us with his view that it is indeed possible to win national single payer health care in the United States.

He constantly encouraged us to reach higher.  And because of him we did, and will continue to do so.

He is pictured with his fist in the air in front of the Humana Building in 2009 as hundreds demanded that Humana end the denial of care.

Below is Tom participating in the sit in at Humana on October 29, 2009.  When he could no longer sit on the floor, he brought the chair to facilitate his ability to be a part of the protest.

Remembering Tom Moffett–listen to previous appearances by Tom on Single Payer Radio here.

We send our concolences to Tom’s family and his Kentucky family of thousands who love him and will remember him forever for his bold and living struggle for racial, economic, gender, and health care justice.

Tom Moffett, Presente!


Jill Harmer and Peg Box take the single payer message to MS Walkers

Last Saturday, Jill Harmer and Peg Box went to the Multiple Sclerosis Walk. They distributed hundreds of flyers and received a warm and welcoming reception from the walkers. Here is their flyer.

Forward to single payer health care

While health care reform helped some, many with MS and other chronic conditions still find essential care and drugs too costly or not on their insurers’ formulary.

Over 300 patient advocacy groups have protested to Health & Human Services that too many are still facing barriers to care.

The way forward. A bill in Congress, HR 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare for All, will provide care for everyone under a single payer, publicly funded system. All medically necessary care including dental & drugs will be covered–and you choose your doctor.

No co-pays, no deductibles, no limited networks.
No worry about medical bills! Monies now going to corporate profits will be available for care.

We invite you to join this movement. Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care meets 1st & 3rd Thursdays each month, 5:30 pm, Board Rm, Mezzanine, Louisville Free Public Library, 301 York.

KSPH offers to show the film “Fix It” or to give free presentations on single payer. (502) 636-1551 nursenpo@aol.com
Learn more: www.kyhealthcare.org

Jill Harmer and Peg Box (LtoR)
Jill Harmer and Peg Box (LtoR)

Healthcare unaffordable for 72% of Kentuckians, survey finds

On May 14, 2018, Kentucky Voices for Health hosted a meeting in Lexington focused on the affordability of healthcare for Kentuckians.  Lynn Quincy of Altarum explained the results of the survey.  A panel of patients gave real meaning to the cold figures, and several state legislators spoke.

A demonstration in Louisville across the street from the Humana Headquarters.
A demonstration in Louisville across the street from the Humana Headquarters.

Mirroring national trends, an alarming 72% of Kentucky adults report one or more healthcare affordability problems. These range from not being able to afford health insurance; delaying or foregoing healthcare (55%) to struggling to pay their medical bills (57%). One-quarter of all adults in Kentucky report being contacted by a collection agency about their medical bills, according to results from a survey of more than 900 Kentucky adults conducted by Altarum’s Healthcare Value Hub.

Harriette Seiler and Kay Tillow of Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care attended and distributed single payer information.

Here is the article by Kay Tillow about the meeting.  It is on the internet at Daily Kos where you can read it, see comments, and add your own.

The details of the survey are available here.   The Kentucky Voices for Health article on the survey and the May 14 meeting is here.


Brandi Jones, first SNaHP President at UofL Medical School, graduates.

 Brandi Jones MD

Brandi Jones MD

Brandi Jones, MD, is one of the founders of and the first president of Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

She has now graduated from medical school.

Congratulation, Dr. Jones!

In addition to her studies, she spent countless hours educating her colleagues about single payer, planning programs of outreach, and assuring that SNaHP would be continued by subsequent classes.

Kentuckians for Single Payer is grateful for her awesome work and wishes her the best as she goes forward to heal patients and a broken health care system.