PNHP-KY Annual Meeting, Noon, Tuesday September 25

Physicians for a National Health Program – Kentucky invites all members and guests to their annual meeting and luncheon during the annual meeting of the Kentucky Medical Association.

Kay Tillow
Kay Tillow

Annual Meeting and Luncheon
International Convention Center
Tuesday, September 25
12:00 noon

Guest speaker: Kay Tillow
“When will we get Health Care for All?”

Everyone welcome.

Kay Tillow, recognized throughout the US for her work for single payer national health insurance and HR 676, received a standing ovation at the 2006 PNHP annual meeting when she was given the Dr. Quentin Young Health Activist Award.

Congressman John Conyers on Kay Tillow:

“Kay Tillow is one of the most historically important advocates for single payer universal health care in the history of the United States…Because of Kay’s tireless efforts to persuade organized labor on the state and local level to support single payer as embodied in HR 676; members of Congress, the media, the universal health care movement, and many international labor unions now view single payer as achievable; and, a viable legislative proposal that one day will get passed into law. It is an honor and a privilege to know Kay Tillow. History will show that her passion, drive, and brilliant organizing efforts …[were some] of the most important factors in why universal health care was achieved in this country.”

Rep. John Conyers
Member of Congress
September 11, 2007
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