How Can We Fix It?

The dream of universal health care is not one that will be accomplished overnight. It will be a long fight against many entrenched and well-financed interests.

Our best hopes lie legislation already pending in congress, and in building grass-roots support, based on the millions of Americans who deal with the hard realities of the U.S. health care system every day. Through education and heightening awareness, citizens like you and me will come to realize that we do not just have to accept the system as it is: we can make a change. Here’s what will help us make that change:

Legislation:: HR 676, the expanded and improved Medicare for All legislation, is pending in Congress and is sponsored by Congressman John Conyers. Read more about it here.

Education: To learn more about ways to educate your self and others about these issues, have a look at our Facts and Data and read through what others have to say in our Voices section.

Action: If you’re ready to find out what action you can take, go here.