Fourth National Call-in Day for HR 676

Single-Payer Healthcare
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Call Your Representatives!

Now is the moment when our efforts for single payer health care legislation can be effective. There has never before been as widespread understanding of single payer nor as much support.

The first three call-in efforts were a great start, but we need to keep the pressure on!

Thank Congressman Yarmuth for his past support and urge him to continue. With non-supporting congresspersons make the point that it is the only reform that can really work and that it is politically feasible. When the rest of the congress understand that we, the people, want this real reform, they will realize its political power and get behind it too.

Please take a moment to call the US Capitol switchboard: (202) 224 3121. Then ask for your representative.

If you need to look up your or someone else’s Congressperson, you can go to and put in the zip code.

If you have two more minutes, please call one or both or your senators to urge them to introduce in the Senate a companion bill to HR 676. You can use the same number: (202) 224 3121.