Wake County Democratic Party Resolution On Universal Health Care

20. Resolution: Universal Healthcare

Adopted by Precincts: 01-14,15,23,27,48 02-03; 04-01;05-02;07-12;12-06 19-01,04,05,08 and 20-08

WHEREAS, Forty-five million Americans lack healthcare insurance or other access to proper medical treatment, and

WHEREAS, many of these Americans – and even many who have some form of health insurance – face financial ruin in the event of medical emergency; and

WHEREAS, A large portion of every dollar Americans spend on healthcare goes for paperwork, stock dividends, advertising and executive salaries; and

WHEREAS, many medical professionals struggle to maintain their practices because of actions of managed healthcare and the failure of the federal government to properly reimburse them for their services to Medicaid and Medicare patients; and

WHEREAS, The system of managed care that has developed over the past several decades has proven itself both detrimental to the health of the patients it serves in many cases, and damaging to the United States’ healthcare system; and

WHEREAS, The Declaration of Independence states that the right to life is an inalienable right, it follows that proper, timely and affordable healthcare is essential to securing that right; and

WHEREAS, The failure of the private, for profit healthcare system to secure this right for the American people is of such a scale as to require the intervention of the government to protect the right to life,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Wake County Democratic Party calls on Congress to approve legislation now before it (H.R. 676) establishing a single payer universal healthcare system in the United States.

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