Louisville Metro Council Endorses HR 676, Single Payer National Health Care

On October 12, the Louisville Metro Council passed a resolution endorsing HR 676, Congressman John Conyers’ single payer U. S. National Health Insurance Act. The vote was 14 to 9. Health and Human Services Chair and District 3 Councilwoman Mary Woolridge sponsored the resolution and guided it through committee and floor debate. Woolridge spoke passionately of her concern for the 85,000 residents of Louisville Metro who suffer from having no insurance.

Councilwoman Madonna Flood told of the death at age 42 of a constituent who didn’t go to the hospital with his chest pain because of his lack of insurance. She called that tragedy “a crime” and stated that if we could “put a man on the moon in 1969, then we can do better at protecting people–we can’t afford to let another citizen die.”

Councilwoman Vicki Welch responded to Councilman Heiner’s assertion that the Metro Council had done something on health care when it ran ads to try to get children enrolled in the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Plan. Welch, a registered nurse, said: “KCHIP is not enough–when parents in low income families are not covered, the family is devastated by illness.”

Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh stated that this resolution should “fire a signal to Congress” that it must do something on health care.

Councilman Tom Owen told of the common practice of families buying the insurance for their adult children in their 20’s and 30’s because their jobs do not provide the coverage. He said: “We are here tonight with a message to say there is a crisis. The grassroots movement has been urging us for months to recognize it.”

Owen was referring to the dozens of addresses to council that told of the suffering and deaths from lack of insurance or insurance too costly and too skimpy to provide security. Joan Dubay and the Metro Council Committee of Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare organized those addresses and a massive grassroots campaign that involved hundreds.

Councilman Bob Henderson said that this resolution will “start the conversation to keep public health and safety” in the forefront. Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton said the issue is “protecting all the people–not just the big people.” Councilpersons Jim King, Dan Johnson, Barbara Shanklin, and Leonard Watkins asked to be added as sponsors of the resolution.

Councilwoman Julie Raque Adams quoted the Fraser Institute and the Pacific Research Institute attributing long waits, appalling conditions, and massive taxes to the Canadian single payer health system.

Adams was quoting from biased sources according to the Physicians for a National Health Program of Chicago (www.PNHP.org). In their Summer 2005 Newsletter PNHP says of the Fraser Institute: “Their research is so bad that not even pro-privatization Canadians bother to cite their work.” PNHP asserts that both the Fraser Institute and Pacific Research Institute are funded by the wealthy far-right Bradley Foundation and that both publish unreviewed “crackpot studies.”

Councilman Kelly Downard, with a second by Councilwoman Ellen Call, sought to send the resolution back to committee. That failed on a vote of 14 to 11.

Shortly before the debate drew to a close, Councilwoman Woolridge announced that 13 Councilmembers had signed on as cosponsors. The debate ended with a roll call vote. Watkins, Shanklin, Woolridge, Tandy, Bryant Hamilton, Unseld, Owen, Ward-Pugh, King, Blackwell, Welch, Henderson, Johnson, and Flood voted “yes.” Fleming, Kramer, Downard, Adams, Heiner, Benson, Engel, Hawkins, and Call voted “no.” Stuckel abstained, and Peden voted “present.”

Louisville joins Baltimore (MD), Erie (PA), Morehead (KY), Oberlin (OH), Lorain (OH), University City (MO), Warren County (TN), and Lorain County (OH) as local governments that have called on Congress to pass HR 676 to resolve the national health care crisis.

The text of Metro Council Resolution R 146-9-06

RESOLUTION NO. R 146-9-06, SERIES 2006


SPONSORED BY: Councilwoman Mary Woolridge

Whereas, every person in Metro Louisville and in the United States deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare; and

Whereas, over 45.8 million Americans, including 85,000 residents of Metro Louisville, live daily without healthcare coverage; and

Whereas, those insured now often experience burdensome medical debt and sometimes life-threatening delays in obtaining healthcare; and

Whereas, one-half of all personal bankruptcies are due to illnesses or medical bills; and

Whereas, administrative costs for our current healthcare system consume approximately thirty percent (30%) of United States healthcare spending, with rising costs contributing to decreased international business competitiveness
and massive layoffs; and

Whereas, United States Representative John Conyers has introduced
House Resolution 676, (hereinafter referred to as HR 676), The United States National Health Insurance Act, which would provide healthcare to all; and

Whereas, the goal of HR 676 is to ensure that all Americans have access, guaranteed by law, to the highest quality and most cost-effective healthcare services regardless of their employment, income, or healthcare status; and

Whereas, HR 676 will cover all medically necessary services, including primary care, inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency care, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, long term care, mental health services, dentistry, eye care, chiropractic, and substance abuse treatment; and

Whereas, HR 676 will give patients their choice of physicians, providers, hospitals, and clinics with no co-pays or deductibles in a publicly financed, privately delivered system;


SECTION I: The Metro Council of Louisville, Kentucky hereby supports and endorses HR 676, “United States Health Insurance Act;” and respectfully requests our elected federal officials to endorse and adopt HR 676; and the Council Clerk is authorized and directed to forward copies of this Resolution to our federal legislators and to our area state legislators to enlist their support of this vital piece of legislation.

SECTION II: This Resolution shall take effect upon its passage and approval.

Kathleen J. Herron Kevin J. Kramer
Metro Council Clerk President of the Council

Jerry E. Abramson Approval Date

Irv Maze
Jefferson County Attorney