Ask your legislators to support HB 97 to end discrimination for pre-existing conditions in Kentucky

David Cox at Humana Headquarters in Louisville

In Kentucky, it can happen that a senior is denied a Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance policy, or is charged more for such a policy, because of a pre-existing condition.  Such discrimination isn’t right and should be illegal.  In fact, four other states have passed laws that do not allow such practices.  We must do the same.

Write, call, email, tweet your representative urging her/him to co-sponsor HB 97 which will make such discrimination unlawful in Kentucky.

Then ask your senator to introduce or co-sponsor HB 97 in the senate.

(HB 97 was introduced into the KY House on Jan. 5, 2021, by Rep. Tom Burch.  It was formerly BR 483.)

HB 97 is here.

Find your representative and senator here.

You can leave a message for your representative and senator at 1-800-372-7181.  If you do not know who they are, the operator will help you.

Article illustrating the problem:

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— Getting out is a lot harder than getting in

by Cheryl Clark, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today


Further info:  Kay Tillow,, 502 636 1551