CMS Primary Care Fiddling Instead of Real Reform: We need to go to the streets

Summary: CMS is proposing a 10-year comparison of primary care payment models (fee-for-service and capitation, with support for care delivery systems). At first glance, why not? On closer scrutiny, this is another delay for an experiment in our current flawed system that will yield limited and equivocal results. Let’s focus on real reform.

Making Care Primary (MCP) Model, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, June 8, 2023


By Don McCanne, M.D. and Jim Kahn, M.D., M.P.H.

…Real reform can’t be off the agenda for the next decade, while we wait for this and other tweaks to our broken system. This CMS proposal requires a response from us. We already have a great start: Medicare for All legislation in both the Senate and the House (Thank you Sanders, Jayapal, Dingell, and the many others). We need to go to the streets, not with guns, but with our placards and loud, passionate voices! And this time, let’s not just go home when the shouting is done. Let’s complete the job!…