How the Citizens of rural Dunn County Put National Single Payer on the Ballot: Video

On September 28, 2022, National Single Payer hosted an internet event on how the citizens of Dunn County, Wisconsin, a rural community of 45,000 people, petitioned their County Board of Supervisors and got a unanimous vote to place a referendum on the ballot in November. Other rural communities are following suit.

You can watch the video here: Passcode: kB4$#F?A

The speakers were:

  • John Calabrese, Dunn County Board Supervisor and member of Our Wisconsin Revolution
  • Dr. Lorene Vedder of Physicians for a National Health Program and Wisconsin United to Amend

Question for the ballot referendum:

Shall Congress and the President of the United States enact into law the creation of a publicly financed, non-profit, national health insurance program that would fully cover medical care costs for all Americans?

“Is it possible that the people of these rural communities, under the stress of a broken health care system, can spark a movement to fix health care for the nation?”

Facilitator: Kay Tillow

Sponsored by @NSPhealthcare