Humana Workers, We’ve Got Your Back!

Humana & all Insurance Workers Get Income Protection in HR 676

Here in Kentucky where thousands receive their paychecks from Humana, it is important to know that HR 676, the national single payer legislation sponsored by Congressman John Conyers, includes protections for the incomes of those who work in the health insurance industry.

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HR 676 specifies that insurance company workers will be provided for by first choice in retraining and job placement in the new system and by receiving two years of their regular salary so that they will be able to transition to better jobs.  And all the while, they, like all of us, will have all medically necessary care as a right!

Check it out.

It’s Section 303 (e) of HR 676.

We will have care for all and protection for insurance workers!

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In the photo Dave Cox carries his rain-protected sign as advocates for single payer, improved Medicare for All, gather in front of the marble Humana Headquarters in Louisville.