Kentuckians Light Up the Night to Celebrate Medicare and Demand its Expansion to All

On Wed. July 27, 2016, Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care celebrated Medicare’s Birthday on the Big Four Bridge above a concert attended by thousands. Using homemade letters made from corrugated plastic and LED lights, they spelled out “Happy 51st Medicare, Improve It, Expand It To All, HR 676.”

See the video taken by Dr. Edgar Lopez.

A view from below.


A view on the ramp of those who raised up the light.


A close up of some of the letter carriers.

The crowd loved the show and the message.  Leafletters led by Jill Harmer and Bill and Debbie Mahan passed out over 800 flyers which read:

Happy Birthday, Medicare!
Love it.  Improve it.  Expand it to all!

Across the country people are celebrating Medicare’s 51st Birthday by calling for protection of Medicare, improvement of its benefits, and expansion to the entire population.
We call for passage of HR 676, national single payer legislation, known as Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.  This bill would add dental, drugs, long term care—in fact all medically necessary care—and remove all co-pays and deductibles.
HR 676 would end the privatization that threatens Medicare, extend the benefits to people of all ages, and assure that no one goes without care because they cannot pay.
Better care for all—while saving billions.  Join us to make it happen!
Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care,
Mtgs. 1st & 3rd Thurs. 5:30 pm, Board Rm. Mezzanine, Library, 301 York St.,,,  502 636 1551.

Free single payer presentations or movie “Fix It” available.