Kentucky can put Medicare for All on the Ballot

Kentucky cities can place questions on the ballot by vote of the city legislative body or by petitions

Last November, rural Dunn County, Wisconsin, which twice voted for Trump, voted by a majority for a national, publicly-funded, not-for-profit, health care plan that would cover all medical costs.  Townships in Southern and Central Illinois voted by 64% and 84% majorities for Improved Medicare for All.

These examples open a way to challenge the politicians who say the people oppose single payer.  Can such ballot initiatives inform and energize a grass roots movement in the fight for Improved Medicare for All?

Former State Representative Joni Jenkins has provided us with the Kentucky law that allows Kentucky cities to place such a referendum on the ballot:

83A.120 Procedure for referendum on public question.

“Any public question authorized by statute may be submitted to the voters of a city by either a resolution of the city legislative body or a petition meeting the requirements of this section.”

Are you interested in getting this question on the ballot in your city?

“Shall Congress and the President of the United States enact into law the creation of a publicly financed, non-profit, national health insurance program that would fully cover medical care costs for everyone in the United States?”

Let’s talk about the possibilities. Kay (502) 636 1551,

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