KSPH speaks on single payer health care in Wilder, KY

On Thursday, August 8, 2019, in Wilder, Kentucky, the Women’s Network hosted a program on single payer health care.  Joan Gregory introduced speakers Kay Tillow and Harriette Seiler who presented the case for a national single payer plan—an expanded and improved Medicare for All.

Over pizza and Stromboli in a back room at the Magic Mushroom, the group of over 30 pondered the issues involved and asked their questions.

Why not just let everyone who wants to, buy into Medicare and let the others keep their private insurance?

Shouldn’t this be combined with nutritional and lifestyle programs that assure good health?  What about those who have their savings invested in health care stocks?   How do doctors stand on single payer?

At the Wilder Women's Network program on single payer health care
At the Wilder Women’s Network program on single payer health care

Many signed the petition and took further information.  Some asked for copies of the data presented.  The welcome was warm and the discussion spirited.  The Women’s Network is a civic-minded organization active on vital issues across the state.


KSPH offers this free presentation to any group in Kentucky.  We’ve been from Pikeville to Paducah, Paris, Florence, London, Vicco, Murray and many more places.

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