Schedule and/or Links to all of the new Single Payer Radio shows

Mark J. McKinley, the dynamic force behind Single Payer Radio
Mark J. McKinley, the power behind Single Payer Radio

Single Payer Radio Shows.  Link

Listen live at 106.5 FM or online at and tap ‘listen live.’

1.  Harriette Seiler and Kay Tillow discuss Medicare Advantage, the privatized Medicare plans:

Wed., July 22 at 2 PM;  Thur. July 23 at 11AM;  Fri., July 24 at 1PM  Link

2.  Dr. Barbara Casper and Charlie Casper discuss Unemployment and Health Care:

Wed. July 29, 2020, at 2PM;  Thur. July 30 at 11AM;  Fri. July 31 at 1PM

3.  Dr. Eugene Shively, Dr. Mike Flynn, Mark McKinley, and Kay Tillow discuss “Where does the money go in our health care system?”:

Wed. Aug. 12 at 2PM;  Thur., Aug. 13 at 11AM;  Fri. Aug. 14 at 1PM  Link

4.  Dr. Eugene Shively, Dr. Mike Flynn, Mark McKinley, and Dr. Jesse Wright discuss mental health and health care reform.  Wed. Aug. 26 at 2PM;  Thur., Aug. 27 at 11AM;  Fri. Aug. 28 at 1PM  Link

Or you can hear these programs at the designated links.
A.  Bob Cunningham, Antonio Wickliffe, and Dr. Garrett Adams discuss racial inequality and health care on Single Payer Radio.  The show was broadcast on June 24, 25, and 26. 2020.  You can listen to it at this link.


B.  Dr. Mike Flynn and Dr. Eugene Shively discuss the Covid 19 virus in an interview by Mark McKinley.  Aired May 27-29, 2020.  It is archived at this link.

C.  Dr. Mike Flynn and Dr. Eugene Shively discuss healthcare in rural settings.  Aired June 10-12, 2020.  Here’s the link.


D.  Dr. Flynn and Dr. Shively radio show aired on April 22, 23, and 24.  It is archived here.

E.  Dr. Ed Weisbart of PNHP Missouri interviewed by Kay Tillow.  Show is archived here.

F.  Kay Tillow interview on single payer by Hart Hagan and Justine Mog on Truth to Power radio show.  Archived here.

G.  Dr. Barbara Casper, Louisville internist, and Charlie Casper discussed the problems of our current health care system on May 13 , 14 and 15.  The program is archived at this link.

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We are recording some shows in our homes using the open source program Audacity.  If you are interested in recording for single payer radio, let us know 502 636 1551.