Medicare Birthday Celebration in Louisville

On July 30, 2023, Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care hosted a showing of “The Power to Heal” in celebration of Medicare’s 58th birthday. The film, narrated by Danny Glover, tells how the 1965 passage of the Medicare law, together with a dedicated grass roots civil rights movement, ended the widespread segregation of US hospitals. Hospitals had to be certified as open to African Americans and integrated before that could receive Medicare money.

Kirk Gillenwaters, President of the Kentucky Alliance for Retired Americans, addresses the group. The KYARA was a cosponsor of the event.

Medicare not only brought health care to seniors but more justice to the nation.

KSPH calls for a further transformation of Medicare to end profits in health care and enact a national, single payer system–an Improved Medicare for All.

Thanks to Paul Hoppe who supplied the technical expertise for the film projection as well as the cupcakes imprinted with a Medicare Card and to Charlie Casper and Harriette Seiler who did the work to make the event a success. Thanks to Ralph Hearn and the KYARA for spreading the word, to Mark McKinley for the Radio Show with David Barton Smith, and to Steve Katz who traveled from Lexington to be with us.

KSPH offers to show the film anywhere in Kentucky. We are currently working on arranging a showing in Mt. Sterling. Please write or call: (502) 636 1551.

Some of the group that gathered at the Louisville Free Public Library to celebrate Medicare’s birthday and watch “The Power to Heal.”