Single Payer Crossing the Bridge


On Sat. Dec. 5, 2015, Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care celebrated the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge across the Ohio River by sharing information on single payer health care.  The flyers offer free presentations and invite the public to our meetings.  Harriette Seiler with the hot pink flyer.


Our new bridge between Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana.  The is not the first time that KSPH has marched across the Ohio.  Many years ago we walked across the Clark Memorial Bridge on Second Street when we were kicking off the fight to place single payer into health care reform.   Later when the Mad as Hell Doctors visited us during their cross country journey, KSPH marched across the Second Street Bridge again.  Thanks to the imagination of David Ross Stevens, that time we stepped off to the sound of the Churchhill Downs bugler playing “Call to the Post.”


KSPH keeps working to get the nation to the other side of universal health care where everyone enjoys all necessary care and profits are forbidden.  Single Payer.  HR 676.  Worth the long walk.  Join us to build the movement!