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Links are below to the most recent radio shows:


Eugene Shively, MD, and Mike Flynn, MD, discuss Investor-Owned Health Care;   11/30 at 2PM, 12/1 at 7AM, 12/2 at 11AM


“What is Single Payer and Why Do We Have to Have it?” with Kay Tillow


Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue, Dr. Keith Miller, Dr. Mike Flynn, Dr. Eugene Shively


Medical Bankruptcy for those with insurance, Matt Fentress, Dr. Barbara Casper, Kay Tillow


Dr. Susan G. Bornstein, Dr. Eugene Shively, Dr. Mike Flynn discuss health care reform


Dr. Wayne Tuckson speaks of Racism in Health Care with Dr. Eugene Shively and Dr. Mike Flynn

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All the single payer programs are archived here:  https://www.forwardradio.org/singlepayerradio