Charlie Casper’s letter in the C-J

The Courier-Journal – 03/20/2022Medical privatization

The past Sunday, The Courier Journal published an exceptional investigative piece by U.S. News on nursing homes. The emphasis was on quality performance, primarily during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the real focus was on ownership and Trilogy Home Services, a private equity, real estate REIT. Here is a first hand look at the toxic mix of Wall Street and private equity firms injecting themselves into healthcare practices. According to the article, high death rates and shoddy care were commonplace, a likely outcome when profit becomes the driving force.

Fast forward to what’s happening to traditional medicare today. Efforts are underway to privatize this highly valued and essential service to seniors — and the efforts are under the radar. Originally operating under the name of Direct Contracting Entities, organizers have now changed the name to the Medicare REACH program, no doubt to further confuse patients who could be enrolled without their knowledge or consent.

Here is another example of Wall Street and private equity placing themselves between doctors and patients.

If you like your traditional medicare, stand up and take notice. The long-term solution is single-payer, Medicare for All. Let’s get rid of health care privatization

Charles M. Casper, Louisville, 40207