National Single Payer Summit

Here’s the link to the schedule of topics and panelists.

Our Healthcare System in Crisis: National Single-Payer

Over the weekend of March 11 to 13, the March for Medicare for All, in cooperation with other groups, broadcast a deep dive, non-stop, educational program into our health care system and why we must move the nation to improved Medicare for All. 

National experts, such as Dr. Ana Malinow and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, and vital community leaders spoke on Our Broken Health Care System, Racism, People with Disabilities, the Mental Health Crisis, Why Improved Medicare for All must be National, and much more.

The videos are available at these links:  

Friday: “Our Broken Healthcare System, Explained”, “Our Broken Healthcare System, a Discussion”, and more!

Saturday: “Impacts of Disaster Capitalism on Healthcare”, “Racism in Healthcare”, “The Mental Health Crisis in the United States”, “Healthcare Disparities for People with Disabilities”, “Healthcare Workers Speak Out”, and more!

Sunday: “The International Human Right to Health and Why National Single-Payer is the Way Forward”, “Why Improved Medicare for All Must be National”, “How’re We Gonna Pay for It?”, “Next Wave of Organizing”, and more!

Here’s the link to the schedule of topics and panelists.